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This is the official website of the SaveTheMaryRiver Coordinating Group - an organization dedicated to preventing the construction of a proposed dam on the Mary River at Traveston Crossing (Qld).  We also campaign in support of  more socially responsible, reliable and sustainable alternatives to the project which would preserve the unique values of the entire Mary River system for the benefit of future generations.  You might want to look at the SUMMARY tab at the top of this website for some quick information about the proposal and our campaign.


The photo above was taken at the third anniversery canoe floatilla in April 2009 - a celebration of three years of successful campaigning and  strengthened determination to see the Mary River handed on to  future generations in a better state than what it is now.  A mid-stream floodplain dam on the main trunk would spell the death of this river system.  In spite of the rhetoric at the time of it's announcement that the dam would be under construction by Christmas 2006, the project has still been unable to gain the planning and environmental approvals needed.  The reason is simple, it is an an unnecessary, economically inefficient  project with huge negative impacts (economic, social and environmental) and very little public support.

Have a good look around the info about the Mary River in the menus on the left and the tabs along the top of the page - there is a comprehensive body of work by a large number of dedicated people and organizations summarized in those links. The stunning photographs on Stoppress are essential viewing, for example. The MULTIMEDIA tab contains links to dozens of informative online video and audio segments from throughout the campaign.

Check out the recent  blogs from representatives of the various teams of people within SaveTheMaryRiver dedicated to fighting the proposal. The online forum  holds a continuous record of public comment since the start of the campaign in 2006, and is still the first place that the latest news appears.

The latest copy of the Dambusters Newsletter is always available on line, and can be emailed to you directly if you wish.  Go to the Contacts tab above and send us an email requesting to be put on the direct contact list.  You can also apply for financial membership from the same page.

The original savethemaryriver website , dating back to 2006 can still be accessed and is being kept on-line to maintain existing links and to act as a historical record of the campaign. 

Authorized G. Pickersgill,  SaveTheMaryRiver Coordinating Group, Info Centre, Main Street Kandanga, Q4570