Responses from the book 'Love, Mary'

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When I read ‘Love, Mary’, I realised that I had underestimated some of the human impacts of the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam project.

I could not stop tears welling up as I read how healthy people and their productive lives are being damaged. Long before the project attempts to get the go ahead, the psychological damage done by emotional stress is affecting my fellow citizens right now.

People living in the region are having their dreams broken. People like Robyn Falkenhagen are living and working in an atmosphere of constant uncertainty and the likelihood of losing all they have built and worked towards. The human relationships within families, between lovers, farmers, friends and neighbours are being made to suffer while at the same time scoundrel state politicians claim to be trying to improve our community’s health services.

If there is any section in our society that ‘Save the Mary’ is fighting hardest for, it is the young, our children. They are our future. Whatever happens to the Mary River will be our generation’s gift - our legacy - to our children.
The story of fourteen year old Angus Robertson, who dreams of one day continuing running cattle on his family farm in the Mary Valley is compelling. Angus is growing up under a cloud of uncertainty. When next Queensland goes to the polls the more people who understand Angus’ story, and the emotional stress that this young Queenslander is enduring, the less likely it will be that this dreadful dam will ever proceed.
Jerry Coleby-Williams
24th January 2009