Feedback from the book 'Love, Mary'

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I have been surprised again and again by the response to the book from people who are not convinced that damming the Mary River is a bad idea.  In discussions with these people they have focussed on what they believe are the possible benefits of the proposed dam, buying into the nauseating mass of QWIPL propaganda.  When the book is placed in their hands, I have seen these people let out a breath or sigh and say "I've always thought damming the Mary River was a stupid idea!" 

This book seems to call for a response from people's hearts, convincing them in a way that discussion alone finds very difficult.  By appealing to hearts, the book is changing minds.  Others have found this to be happening also, across south-east Queensland.  Pass it on, get the word out there, and let Mary Flow forever!

Adele Coombs