2009 election politics - vote NO Traveston

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"Mr Lee said Labor would need to do a lot more than back down on plans to build the controversial Traveston dam."

The LNP and the Greens are going into the 2009 state election with firm committments against the proposed dam at Traveston Crossing. The Federal Senate passed a motion in December 2008 calling on the Qld government to scrap the proposal, following the findings of the Senate Inquiry and the four independent reports commissioned by the federal department of Environment  and Water.  Why is the Bligh government still planning to throw away billions of taxpayers money on a such a waste-of-money infrastructure project, with such huge adverse social and environmental impacts, when there are far more useful jobs to be done? Here is the latest sign of political commitment to the issue

Quote from Sky News Australia
Saturday February 21, 2009

Indooroopilly Greens MP Ronan Lee said it was unlikely the Bligh government would have his party's preferences if a snap election was called.
'We are in discussion with both Labor and LNP (Liberal National Party) about preferences and we are calling on Premier Anna Bligh to go the full term so she can implement at least those environmental promises she made before the last election,' Mr Lee said.
'If she calls a snap election in what is obviously difficult economic times, not unreasonably the Greens will judge her on her record. And they've got a long way to go on the environment.
Mr Lee said Labor would need to do a lot more than back down on plans to build the controversial Traveston dam.
'That's a good start, but they need to do more,' he said.
'They also need to deliver for the Barrier Reef and for wilderness rivers. It's not too late to do so.'
Senator Brown aired the Greens' reluctance to preference Labor at the next election, which many are tipping will be called soon, as he outlined the Greens' economic stimulus measures.

PLEASE REMEMBER!  In spite of this talk about preferences, in Qld, voters have TOTAL CONTROL over where their preferences go.  On voting day, please exercise your right to direct your preferences to exactly where you want them to go.  Vote whichever way you want, but make sure your preferences don't end up with a supporter of the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal.