Upgraded Bruce Highway still within proposed dam

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The most comprehensive information yet made available about the planned Bruce Highway upgrade between Sankey's Road  and Traveston Road is now available on the Federal Government's EPBC website.  The documents which accompany the referral of the project to the Federal Government under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act contain the best information available  so far about the State Government's current plans for this section of the highway.  It is interesting to note that in several places the new highway route passes right through the proposed stage 2 inundation zone of the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal.

The documents clearly outline the properties affected and a time line for construction which is expected to commence later this month. (March 2009). A map of the new highway route shows it crossing a low area of Coles Creek which is well within the inundation zone of the Traveston dam proposal.  The referral documents also outline plans for permanently re-routing both Coles Creek and Skyring Creek in the vicinity of the road crossings.

The referral is open for public comment for 10 working days, starting on the 2nd of March - implying that public comments must be in by 13th March.  Details about how to submit comments can be found on the EPBC website