How to cast a No Dam vote in the electorates of Maryborough and Hervey Bay

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The candidates running in the Maryborough and Hervey Bay electorates have been asked for their views on the proposed dam. If you wish to cast a "No Dam" vote this election, please use this information to help you decide who to vote for and also how you allocate your preferences.


The responses to date are available at:

Scroll down to find the topics "Responses from Candidates in the Hervey Bay electorate" & "Position of candidates in the Maryborough electorate"

As you will see all candidates except the Labor candidates are opposed to the dam or have no position (the DS4SEQ candidate). 

A vote for Labor is a vote for the damming of the Mary River and the strangulation of the Great Sandy Strait.

(Please note: when you are voting you must number the boxes according to your preference, but in Qld Elections, you have three options regarding how to do this. You can vote for just one candidate, all of the candidates or a proportion of the candidates. If you take either of the last two options and number more than one box, the order you number the candidates determines how the preferences from your vote will be allocated... so please be aware of this an make sure your vote doesn't end up in the lap of someone you don't want to be elected.)