Big Day of Action takes Mary to the marginals on election eve

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While LNP and Labor supporters sat on street corners and in shopping centres throughout Brisbane just a week out from election day, hundreds of Save the Mary  supporters took to the city and streets of marginal seats in the most energetic display of the day. See a  selection of photographs from the day.

Three full buses and more than a dozen colourful utes carrying large signage travelled in convoy from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane before spreading out across the city to put postcards in letterboxes and talk to Brisbane voters in the last few days before the vote.

Their message to voters was plain. With their vote, they hold the future of the Mary River in their hands.

Perhaps their strongest message was to Greens voters after the Party this week announced plans to give preferences to Labor candidates in 14 key marginal seats.

"Greens negotiators may have struck a deal with Labor but its the Green voters who actually place their preferences on the ballot paper. A second preference to Labor would seal the fate of the Mary River and Great Sandy Strait."

At this point nothing irreversible has happened. The river is unchanged. jProperties purchased can be placed back on the market to actually return revenue to the government. It will be too late by the next state election.

In the lead-up to the election, Save the Mary and its supporting groups have distributed well over 100 000 postcards in marginal seats throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.