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Queensland Water Infrastructure Pty Ltd (QWI) have published the definitive version of the supplementary EIS for the Traveston Crossing Dam proposal.  According to the Department of Infrastructure, this is much the same as the leaked document which was tabled in State Parliament by the member for Gympie (Mr David Gibson) late last year. 

Along with this 'official' copy of the supplementary EIS, a number of addenda documents have also been published, outlining some departmental concerns with the supplementary EIS and QWI's response to those concerns. 

Click HERE to access all of these documents directly from the QWI website.

The state assessors are still awaiting further responses from QWI, largely relating to environmental offsetsand mitigation proposals before the Coordinator-General's report can be written and sent to Canberra as part of  the federal assessment process. 

The fact that these documents have been publically released before the Coordinator-General has finalized his report is a welcome step forward in State Government transparency.  SaveTheMaryRiver has been lobbying for the timely public release of state government documents for the last 3 years

(For a full summary of the progess of the State and Federal assessment process see the Government Links section of this website)